Graphic Media

Wall & Ceiling Murals

  • Century Communities Ceiling Mural 05-15-12 Resized.jpg
  • Century Communities Wall Mural 05-15-12 Resized.jpg
  • MI Homes Ceiling Mural Final 07-07-11 med res.jpg
  • MI Homes Columbus Ceiling Mural Fina_LR 10-18-11.jpg
  • MI Homes Columbus Wall Mural Final_LR 10-18-11.jpg
  • MI Homes Wall Mural Final 07-08-11 Med Res.jpg
  • Mungo Homes Ceiling Mural 03-01-12_LR.jpg
  • Mungo Homes Wall Mural 03-01-12_LR.jpg

Create a Unique Sales Center Experience

Life-sized murals from BHI Media are fl­oor to ceiling graphics designed to give your sales center visitors a different perspective on your homes.

  • Give sales center visitors a look inside your homes’ unique features.
  • Highlight the hidden new home advantages that often go overlooked.
  • Demonstrate your homes’ green benefits and create a more memorable experience than a list of attributes.
  • Completely customize a solution to meet your unique needs.
  • Flexible and just a fraction of the cost of building a wall cutaway.

  • Bring your homes to life!
  • Let us customize the right media solution today!
  • Capture the homebuyer's attention!